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Searching for that perfect someone?

open new doors.”

“old ways won't

In the Greek culture, gusto means having a good eye, stylish, one who knows how to put things together and make it work. 

That's exactly what I do on a daily basis. In design, business and my personal lifestyle I focus on how things work together in perfect harmony to tell the authentic story.

They like to say
I have good gusto.



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Oh, coffee. I don't think the love I have for this bitter brew can truly ever be expressed in words. It's my muse, my motivator, and always there for me on rainy Monday mornings. 

I believe coffee is it's own food group.



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Like, seriously. I'm actually embarrassed just typing this. Now, don't get me wrong, I love plants! They make me peaceful and happy. But for some reason I can never, for the life of me, remember to water them! It's like that random thing you always remember at 2 am three weeks later!

I am the worst plant mom ever.



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Ciao! Bonjour! Yassas! My true heart lies far away across oceans. Traveling is my true happy place. It's where I get fresh inspiration, appreciate life in its fullest, and grow as a person learning from different cultures. I believe everyone should go somewhere new at lease once a year and experience something new! 

I am a travel feind.



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- catie hanson,
international intimates, inc.

in solving problems and creating new systems for us.”

“I was very impressed with how she took immediate action 

- janet pavkovich, mentor

and find creative ways to overcome it.”

"She's not afraid to jump head first into a new obstacle

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